Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps

Many of our followers have asked about the stamps that are put within our Survivor totes.
I created this page to answer those questions and provide more information. 


Does STC sell stamps? - No, we give them away to Survivors in a tote bag full of
art supplies. However, we now have a partnership with Fun Stampers Journey. If you
are interested in purchasing stamps to help support STC, any purchases made
through Jeannette's link at will result in a generous
donation to Stamp to Cope from each purchase. 

Who designed the STC stamp set?My daughter Carly
and I designed the stamps and they are manufactured for STC by

I am not a survivor but really like the STC stamp set, is it available for
purchase somewhere?
No, the STC stamp set is not available in retail
form and is exclusive to STC. As a fundraising package, donations of $50
or more receive the set and one STC acrylic block upon request.